Weight Loss Ideas

Not only is seaweed full of vitamins and minerals, but it could promote weight loss. Algae such as chlorella aid detoxification, help reduce water retention and break down fat deposits.

Benefits of sea birdnest

Lowers cholesterol & BP, Prevent cancer & tumor, Prevent cardiovascular diseases, Good for beauty & skin care, Prevent Arthritis & strengthen bones, Detox & anti-oxidant, Reduce wrinkles & dark spots, Slimming & body firming

Boosts Iron levels

Eucheuma Seaweed is a good source of iron for healing anemia. In fact Eucheuma Seaweed contains many times more iron than that found in liver… making it a super source of bioavailable iron.

Welcome to Our TeamSeaweed Site!

With our vast knowledge combined with years of progressive development, research and practice integrated in all of our fertile farming sites, we are proud to be one of the significant producer, supplier and exporter of high quality dried seaweed as the raw materials for the related industries.
We have our packaging factory at Shah Alam, for our Eucheuma Seaweed aka Sea BirdNest.
Our current dried seaweed produced are :

  • Kappaphycus Alvarezii (Cottoni)
  • Eucheuma Spinosum
  • Glacilaria Sp
  • Sargassum

Our dried seaweeds are warranted to meet the most stringent International Export Standard related to the Moisture Content and the Impurities % with high quality recovery yield. All our exported goods will be accompanied with Phytosanitary Certificate.